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Jan 31, 2024

Let’s talk about heart health

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and the numbers related to its portfolio of conditions – heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease, sudden cardiac arrest – can be disheartening, but there is hope.

CVD has a rich history of research, education, and progress. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC), along with the American Heart Association (AHA), applauds the forward momentum and is encouraged by the successes:

  • 13.6% reduction in death by stroke since 20181
  • 15.1% reduction in death from heart disease since 20181
  • 60% decrease in CVD death rate since 19502
  • 12 million people reached by nutrition improvements in 44 countries1
  • 22 million people trained in CPR each year1

1 American Heart Association, Our Impact 2 American Heart Association January 24, 2024 Press Release

Working toward your healthiest heart

Blue KC puts its whole heart into helping you achieve your healthiest heart. We support the AHA’s Life’s Essential 8 – eight actions to help improve heart health. Incorporate one, a few, or all eight into your daily routine, because any amount of change can make a difference.

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Get extra support managing your heart health

Life’s Essential 8 is one way to improve and maintain your heart health. Another is connecting to Blue KC on the Blue KC Care Management app, where you can send a secure message to nurses and healthcare workers, track your health goals, read articles and clinically approved resources about your condition, find services like transportation to appointments, and take advantage of other useful tools. 

Download the Blue KC Care Management app

We’ll see you on the Blue KC Care Management app. Click the App Store or Google Play buttons below to download the app. When prompted, use access code kcbluewelcome.  

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