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Jun 3, 2024

Community Health Workers Build Valuable Connections in the Communities We Serve

Meet Raven, a Community Health Worker (CHW) at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC). Raven and several other CHWs are part of the Community Health team focused on supporting members on their health and wellness journeys while understanding their unique needs, expectations, and life experiences.

Raven, like Blue KC, is proud to call the Kansas City area home. By living and working in Grandview, Missouri, she has a strong connection to the communities she serves, with an in-depth understanding of their experiences, culture, and needs. Raven serves as a liaison between members and clinical care and social services, helping providers understand the issues in patients’ lives and helping members get the care and services they need.

CHWs build trust with members, meet with members in virtual and in-person settings, help members navigate the healthcare system, provide health education, and connect members to reduced cost or free community services. While Raven’s days are varied, Blue KC members turn to her for information and assistance. Members who struggle with managing chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure who may find themselves in and out of the emergency room can connect with a CHW to discuss ways to improve eating habits or manage insulin, and for guidance to get and stay on track.

Raven recently helped a member who was having a difficult time finding a physical therapist who specialized in her chronic condition. The member did not have a primary care doctor and her neurologist advised her they were unable to assist. Raven called multiple physical therapy offices before finding a facility that would work for the member and her chronic condition. Since then, the member has been able to schedule a physical therapy appointment and establish care with a primary care physician. Raven commented that the member was so grateful and relieved to have help navigating the healthcare system.

Raven became interested in Community Health because of the endless opportunities to serve others. Raven meets members where they are in their health journey by helping them overcome social barriers like language and literacy skills, access to nutritious food and transportation, connecting them to proper community resources or helping them find a primary care provider or specialist.

Raven wants members to know that social determinants of health are important to a person’s health because they include our basic needs. If someone’s basic needs are fulfilled, they can achieve the next level of sustaining a healthy life or maintaining a healthy condition.

Connect with a Blue KC Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers are available to Blue KC members through the Blue KC Care Management app as a part of the Care Team.

Community Health Workers can assist members with:

  • Connecting to resources like food, clothing, and other needs.
  • Finding a provider or medical care and coordinating with the Blue KC care team of registered nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Motivation to help reach health goals.
  • Navigating the healthcare system.

To access the app, download the Blue KC Care Management app from Google Play or the App Store and use access code kcbluewelcome. Members can also access Blue KC Care Management through the MyBlueKC app under the Health and Wellness tab. 

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