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Aug 21, 2023
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Manage your Blue KC healthcare on the go

Managing your healthcare can be overwhelming. All the more reason to utilize the MyBlueKC app. It’s just what your life needs at any given moment, no matter where you are.

Use the MyBlueKC app to:

  • Access benefit information
  • Track and view details about your claims
  • Find doctors and specialists in your network
  • View and share your digital ID card
  • Track deductibles and spending account balances
  • See a list of your prescriptions
  • Connect to Health & Wellness programs

What else is behind the MyBlue KC app?  

Use the app to also connect to other helpful Blue KC resources including:

  • Blue KC Virtual Care 
  • Pharmacy (OptumRx) 
  • Health Savings Account (Further)
  • Pharmacy Savings (Rx Savings Solutions) 

Ready to have your plan in your hand?

Download the free MyBlueKC app to help make the most of your Blue KC plan. Registration is simple. If you’ve already registered on the member portal,, you can use that same login for the app. If you’re not yet registered, do so on the app, then enjoy the convenience of getting your health plan info whenever you need it.

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