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Dec 12, 2022
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The MyBlueKC app

Your On-The-Go Life Deserves an On-The-Go App 

For Blue KC members, the MyBlueKC mobile app makes it easy to manage your Blue KC health coverage – no matter where you are. All you need is a smartphone and the MyBlueKC app.   

The app can help you get the answers you need in just a few taps. From claims to out-of-pocket costs to finding care, it’s all right here. 

The MyBlueKC app puts so much in your hands.   

The MyBlueKC app is so helpful – and so easy to use – that once you make it a part of your life, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.   

  • Find doctors and specialists in your network. 
  • Download your digital ID card. 
  • Access benefit information about your plan. 
  • Review spending for the current plan year. 
  • View details about your claims. 
  • Understand costs with a Cost Estimator. 

And what else is behind the MyBlueKC app?   

Use the MyBlueKC app to also connect to other helpful Blue KC resources including: 

  • Blue KC Virtual Care  
  • Pharmacy (OptumRx)  
  • Health Savings Account (Further) 
  • Pharmacy Savings (Rx Savings Solutions)  

Ready to take control? Download the MyBlueKC app today!  

You’re just a download away from being able to manage your Blue KC health coverage on the go. 

Registration is simple. If you’ve already registered on the member portal,, you can use that same login for the app. If you’re not yet registered, do so on the app, then enjoy the convenience of getting your health plan info whenever you need it. 


We’re here to help. Please call Blue KC Customer Service at the number listed on your member ID card.   

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