Stay in. Stay safe. Get the healthcare you need.

Now you can get the care you need without ever leaving home. You can connect with MeMD 24/7 by laptop, tablet or smartphone for free.

Blue KC cares. We're covering our whole community at no cost.

During these trying times, access to care is more important than ever. That's why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City is partnering with MeMD to provide free telehealth services for all Kansas City citizens* through March 31, 2021.

Here's how you connect.

You don't need insurance. You just need access to the web. When you're ready for your virtual visit, find a laptop, tablet or smartphone and connect. Follow their simple step-by-step instructions to connect to a licensed health care provider.

You will need this access code for your free service


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Here's how you connect with telehealth on the phone Here's how you connect with telehealth on the phone

When to use telehealth.

You can use telehealth to treat common medical conditions, such as:

Allergies Icon


Bites and Stings Icon

Bites & Stings

Body Aches Icon

Body Aches

Sore Throats Icon

Sore Throats

Cold and Flu Icon

Cold & Flu

Diarrhea Icon


Behavioral Health Icon

Behavioral Health

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Urinary Tract Infections Icon

Urinary Tract

*As a reminder for all Blue KC members, virtual care services are free at until March 31, 2021.