May 2022

Remember when paying a bill meant writing a check, finding a stamp, and making a trip to the mailbox? We’ve come a long way. But there are still a few who prefer pen and paper, and some of them are your large group clients.

To reduce payment delays and potential errors, Blue KC will be contacting nearly 200 large group clients via email by the end of May to encourage them to use the eBilling platform to pay their Blue KC bills. Many of these groups already use the platform for invoice review, however they don’t pay electronically using the system.

eBilling makes bill payment:

  • Faster than writing a check and mailing it
  • More reliable as there is a lower risk of lost or misdirected payments
  • More timely because payments process faster
  • More accurate

Clients can even activate automated monthly payments, adding greater convenience.

How you can help

Please promote the benefits of eBilling and encourage clients to adopt it for bill payment. A few impactful steps you can take:

  • Contact your Blue KC representative for a list of clients still paying by check.
  • Send a follow up email in early June that references the Blue KC email they received and encourages them to switch to eBilling. Here’s a template you can use, including quick tips for using it.
  • Add eBilling to your list of talking points when you meet with clients.

If you have questions about steering clients to eBilling, please contact your Blue KC representative.