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June 2021

When expertise and personalization cross paths, good things happen.

The healthcare system can be hard to navigate. That’s why Blue KC has a team of Care Managers to provide tools, resources and support that can empower your employees to make decisions about improving and managing their health – no matter where they are in their health journey.

Teaming up to enhance care.

Blue KC’s Care Management Team is committed to finding care options for your employees that are personalized, accessible and affordable. We have in-house medical directors and a passionate nursing staff with a range of specialized backgrounds to provide critical one-on-one support for our members. These patient advocates help connect your employees to the appropriate care and maximize their coverage benefits.

The right tools, resources and support.

Whether your employees are dealing with heart disease, diabetes, cancer treatment, or a variety of other medical conditions, our Care Managers help members navigate various care options and services needed based on their individual situation. Additionally, we connect members with resources in the community and within Blue KC to promote patient safety, quality care, and cost-effective outcomes. Here are just a few of the available resources that highlight the services included with Blue KC health insurance plans at no additional cost to members.


Blue KC developed BluePath, personalized care management and community health programs based on years of member experiences, as well as the experiences of our own clinical staff. Learn about the programs available to your employees who qualify based on their current health status here. BluePath breaks the programs down into three groups:

  • Self-guided Care
  • Directed Care
  • Community Health Initiatives

My Health Programs Employer Playbook

Our My Health Programs Playbook can be found on under “Education Campaigns.” It’s available to help you make employees aware of the variety of programs available with their health plan. Once employees know what kinds of health programs are available to them, they can access resources that may help them improve their health and well-being. They can also find support when they need it from highly trained professionals. This easy-to-implement campaign includes a 4-week action plan with multiple touch points.

Blue KC Care Management App

With the Blue KC Care Management app, your employees can find resources and personalized support from the Blue KC Care Team for chronic conditions, cancer, maternal health, and more – all at their fingertips. Please feel free to share this flyer with more details on how the app can help our members manage and take control of ongoing health conditions. The Blue KC Access Code is: kchealth.

Questions?? Simply ask your Blue KC representative for more information. If your employees have questions, they can call the customer service number on their Blue KC membership card.

Making the Most of Care Management Benefits

If you’re interested in a training session highlighting the details these programs offer your employees, please contact Angela Cheatem at

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