Finish the Year Strong and Start 2023 Even Stronger

Winter Issue

Why wait until January to set goals and create healthy habits? Afterall, a strong finish to this year can help you jump start the new year with confidence. Since December is a month of gift giving, it’s a wonderful time to gift yourself with a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Start working on your goals today and, by January 1, you’ll be steps ahead in achieving them. Plus, you’ll likely feel stronger and more energized throughout the holidays. It’s a win-win and SilverSneakers® – your fitness benefit from Blue Medicare Advantage at no additional cost – can help you get there.

Tips to finish the year strong:

  • Exercise – Participate in a SilverSneakers workout class or workshop, in-person or online. Working out can help increase muscle and bone strength, improve stability and balance, and reduce stress and anxiety.1
  • Organize – Keep what you need and sell or give away what you don’t; maybe even re-gift items and save money on holiday spending! This can also help make your surroundings safer by removing obstacles in your path that might be fall risks.2
  • Prioritize – You! It’s not selfish to take care of yourself – especially during the busy holiday season – and adding these good habits to the tips listed above can help:
    • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help digestive processes3
    • Turn off electronic screens an hour before bedtime for better sleep4
    • Read books, magazines or newspapers to stay sharper and slow cognitive decline5


SilverSneakers is more than a fitness program – it’s a way of life. You’re sure to find something to fit your level, from SilverSneakers Classic, with seated options, to high-intensity Total Body Strength. With SilverSneakers, you get access to:

  • memberships to thousands of fitness locations6 (visit as many as you like)
  • group exercise classes7 designed for all abilities
  • instructors trained in senior fitness
  • fun activities held outside the gym
  • SilverSneakers On-Demand online workout videos for at home workouts, available 24/7
  • SilverSneakers LIVE full-length classes and workshops (exercise with others, but from the comfort of home)
  • SilverSneakers GO mobile app with workout programs, location finder and more

Always talk with your doctor before starting an exercise program.