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September 2023

When a bad cold has you grounded or a mysterious fever has interrupted your trip with friends, virtual care has your back. Connect immediately with a doctor through the MyBlueKC app or member portal. Virtual care lets you meet with your doctor by phone or video. Sometimes not all concerns need an in-person visit, that’s why virtual care is a good option for minor issues, or if you need care at night, on the weekend, or when your doctor is unavailable. Virtual care is also available for behavioral health visits.

Virtual Care is a Good Option for:

  • When you have minor issues like upper respiratory infection, flu, or pink eye.
  • When you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, or another behavioral healthcare issue (behavioral health is by appt only).
  • When you want a convenient consult at home, at work, or when traveling.
  • When you need care on nights, weekends, or your primary care doctor is unavailable.

Preparing for a Virtual Care Visit

The following tips will help your virtual visit run smoothly.

Test your technology. Check your device connection before your visit. Sometimes there is a test link provided to help identify and address any challenges.

Find a well-lit spot. If you are using video for your virtual visit, make sure there’s good lighting so your healthcare provider can see you.

Reduce background noise. Find a quiet place and minimize any distractions. Turn off alarms and sounds on other devices.

Take notes. Write down important information before and during your visit such as:

  • Your medication list.
  • Questions and concerns.
  • Instructions and details your provider shares throughout the visit.

Members can visit with a virtual care doctor through the MyBlueKC app or member portal.

Learn more about your care options by watching this video:

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