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Choose Where to Go and How Much to Save For Medical Procedures

September 2023

When it comes to healthcare, your choice matters – in where you get your medical services and how much they will cost. This is especially true when you need a doctor-prescribed procedure like an MRI, colonoscopy, or mammogram.

SmartShopper gives eligible members* control to shop for more than 90 medical procedures and choose to have yours done at a lower cost location. You’ll save money on the cost of the procedure plus receive a cash reward for choosing a lower cost option. Blue KC members have earned an average cash reward of $365 per procedure. Check out this helpful FAQ to learn more.

Start Shopping Now

SmartShopper is built into your Blue KC member portal. You can access SmartShopper in three ways:

  • Go to > Find Care > Find Doctors, Specialists & Hospitals > SmartShopper
  • Go to the MyBlueKC app > Find Care > Find Doctors, Specialists & Hospitals > Search Doctors > SmartShopper
  • Call the SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team at 1-855-476-5027

Get Step-By-Step Instructions

While shopping with SmartShopper is easy, everyone loves a step-by-step guide. We created this one just for you. If video is more your style, please watch the video below!

*SmartShopper-eligible members include Fully Insured Large and Fully Insured non-ACA Small Group members, Small Group Level Funded members, and non-ACA Individual and Family Plan members.

Find a Doctor

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