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Knowing Where to Go for Care Starts Here

October 2021

Knowing Where to Go for Care Starts Here

You have a lot of choices of where to go for medical care. Understanding these choices is important –because when you get the right care, at the right place and right time, you can save time, money, and improve your overall health.  

We’d like to walk you through your various care options. So that you do what’s right for your health – and your wallet.

Learn about all your care options 

Primary Care Doctor 

The go-to-place for managing your healthcare. Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) monitors your overall health and should coordinate all the care you receive. Because your PCP knows your medical history best, it’s always a good idea to consult with this provider before seeking alternate care. 

HOURS: Most Primary Care offices offer extended or after-hours care and have a physician on call. Note: Members who have a Blue KC plan with exclusive access to Spira Care Centers can make an appointment to see a PCP at any Care Center.

SYMPTOMS: Mild/Preventative


Virtual Care 

Mobile technology makes care more accessible than ever. Now, you can do a video visit with your doctor or behavioral health therapist right from the comfort of your home. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

HOURS: 24/7 for Sick Care. By appointment for Behavioral Healthcare

SYMPTOMS: Mild/Behavioral Health

COST: Moderate

Retail Health Clinic 

Located within retail stores, these health centers are designed to handle minor, non-pressing health issues at your convenience. Retail health clinics are staffed by licensed nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants. 

HOURS: Usually every day, morning through early evening.

SYMPTOMS: Mild/Moderate

COST: Moderate

Urgent Care 

Immediate care for pressing, but not life-threating conditions. Doctors and nurses are available to provide care when most doctors’ offices are closed. In some communities, urgent care facilities are open 24/7. The wait time is shorter than an emergency room. 

HOURS: Usually every day, morning through early evening.

SYMPTOMS: Mild/Moderate

COST: Moderate

Emergency Room/Community Hospital 

Immediate care for life-threatening emergencies. Always go to the ER if your health is in danger or call 911! However, for less severe injuries or illnesses, the ER can be expensive and wait times can average over 4 hours. 

HOURS: All day, everyday.

SYMPTOMS: Severe/All Life-Threatening Emergencies

COST: High. Copays, coinsurance and deductibles may apply.

Know before you go 

What happens when you understand all your care options? When you have a plan in place before you actually need care? You’re on the way to making smarter and more cost-effective healthcare decisions – today and down the road. 

Learn more about your benefits by visiting your member portal. Simply log in and visit the My Plan Benefits section.

To learn more about where to go for care, please visit 

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