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6 big reasons to visit your Blue KC member portal regularly

October 2022

6 big reasons to visit your Blue KC member portal regularly

These days, every doctor, insurance company, financial institution, and so on has a member portal. Some call it an online account or client portal, but at the end of the day, these secure gateways are a necessity of doing business.

Your Blue KC member portal – register on it, bookmark it, get the app

Your Blue KC member portal is at and on the MyBlueKC mobile app. If you haven’t registered, do it on your first visit. While you’re at it, bookmark it on your computer and, by all means, download the MyBlueKC app. and the MyBlueKC app are the hub for your personal, essential health plan information. You can access your information night or day for many reasons, but we think these are some of the biggest.

1. Get your member ID card

Ever go to the doctor or pharmacy and leave your member ID card at home? No worries. Open the MyBlueKC app on your phone and access it there. It’s also on


MyBlueKC app — Open the app and tap ID Card at the bottom of the screen. — Click ID Card in the left column of the homepage.

2. See a list of your current prescriptions

This one’s a rinse and repeat of #1. Doctors like to verify your current meds at appointments. Pull it up easily on your member portal.

WHERE TO FIND PRESCRIPTIONS or MyBlueKC app — Tap Plan Benefits, Pharmacy, then View Pharmacy Benefits. This will link you to Optum Rx where you can see your prescription list and other pharmacy info. 

3. Pay your premium bill or sign up for AutoPay

Pay your monthly premium bill or, better yet, sign up for AutoPay for one less thing to worry about each month. Bill payment is only available at

WHERE TO FIND BILL PAYMENT From the left column of the homepage, click Pay My Bill and follow the prompts. While you’re there, click Communication Preferences, scroll down to Preferences, and sign up to receive EOBs and premium bills via email or text.

4. See your medical claims

Medical claims show how your care was covered and how much you may owe. You probably compare your claims to your invoice when paying bills. That’s smart. Another important time to review claims is during open enrollment. Your claims can provide valuable insight to what coverage you may need in the coming year. See “How Should I Prepare for OEP” on Open Enrollment – What It Is and Why It Matters 

WHERE TO FIND MEDICAL CLAIMS From the left column of the homepage, click Claims, EOB, & Usage then Medical & Pharmacy.
MyBlueKC app — Open the app and tap Claims under your name.

5. Find a doctor in your network

Blue KC’s Find Care tool is your key to shopping for healthcare. Use it to find doctors in your network or to see estimated costs for common procedures. 

WHERE TO FIND DOCTORS — From the left column of the homepage, click Find Care, then Find Doctors, Specialists & Hospitals, then Browse by Category. You can also type a doctor name, specialty, or procedure into the search bar.
MyBlueKC app Open the app and tap Find Care at the bottom of the screen.

6. Have a virtual care visit with a doctor

During the day, night, or wee hours of the morning, you can activate a virtual care visit – on the spot, no appointment needed – for common sick care needs. The doctor can diagnose, treat, and prescribe meds. From Virtual Care, you can also schedule an appointment with a behavioral health therapy provider.

WHERE TO FIND VIRTUAL CARE From the homepage, scroll down to Quicklinks and Tools then Find Virtual Care.
MyBlueKC app Open the app and scroll down to Virtual Care.

One more thing. If you have exclusive access to Spira Care, you can enter the Spira Care portal from your Blue KC member portal. Then, do things like message your provider, request an appointment, refill a prescription, and review health records. 

Your Blue KC member portal houses a lot. Expect it to deliver when you need to put your hands on personal health insurance information. Of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call at the Customer Service number on your member ID card.

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