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You Can Shop and Save on Medical Procedures with SmartShopper

February 2023

Let’s face it. Medical procedures aren’t on the usual list of things you shop for online. However, SmartShopper is changing that. 

What is SmartShopper? 

SmartShopper* is a new program where eligible members can compare costs on routine medical procedures so you can save money and earn up to $1,000 in cash rewards as a share of the savings. 

How Does It Work? 

When you use SmartShopper to shop for and choose a cost-effective, in-network provider for a doctor-recommended procedure, Blue KC in partnership with SmartShopper, passes on a percentage of the savings back to you. You will receive a check from SmartShopper approximately six to eight weeks after your procedure.  

What Procedures Can I Shop For? 

In the past six months, Blue KC members have shopped for these procedures: 

  • Top-shopped procedures: Mammogram, colonoscopy, surgery, MRI, ultrasound. 
  • Procedures with highest medical bill savings: Colonoscopy, MRI, cataract removal, surgery, knee replacement. 

How Much Can I Save? 

Since Blue KC launched SmartShopper six months ago, eligible Blue KC members have been pleasantly surprised by how much they’ve earned in rewards for shopping. 

  • Total amount of Blue KC member rewards = Over $98,000 
  • Average Blue KC member reward = $365 

How Can I Start Shopping? 

You can start saving today by shopping online at>Find Care or by calling the SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team at 855-476-5027. In addition, here’s a flyer with some helpful information. It’s that easy! 

*SmartShopper-eligible members include Fully Insured Large and Fully Insured non-ACA Small Group members, Small Group Level Funded members, and non-ACA Individual and Family Plan members.  

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