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Three Questions to Ask Your Doctor for Lower Prescription Drug Costs

February 2023

Three Questions to Ask Your Doctor for Lower Prescription Drug Costs 

Your healthcare providers know a lot, but most of the time they don’t know the details of your Blue KC health plan or what prescriptions may end up costing you at the pharmacy. It’s not their fault—that’s just not how the system usually works. 

That’s why Blue KC gives our members access to a service called Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS). RxSS was created and is run by pharmacists who want to help people understand what lower-cost options they have for their medications. 

The clinical pharmacy team at RxSS has three basic questions you can ask your doctor to help easily find ways to save money on your prescriptions

#1: Is there a generic option available?  

Many brand-name medications have generic versions that can cost a lot less. 

#2: Is there another drug in the same class that’s more affordable?  

Usually, there’s more than one medication available to treat a medical condition. 

#3: Can I save money by taking this drug in a different form?  

Believe it or not, a capsule might cost more than a tablet, or a lotion may cost less than an ointment. 

To make things even easier, use your RxSS account when talking with your doctor. It will show you whether more affordable options are available for your current prescriptions, and you can search and compare prices at different pharmacies. 

How Can You Get Started? 

Activate your account or log in today to get started. 

You can always access RxSS by logging in to MyBlueKC.com, then selecting “Plan Benefits,” then “Pharmacy.” Once you’re on the “Pharmacy Plan Info” page, select “Spend Less on Prescription Drugs” and you’ll be directed to RxSS where you can view your current savings opportunities. 

This is a free, simple and secure tool that can show you—and your doctor—all your options and the price you’ll pay with your insurance. 

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