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Preferred-Care Blue PPO

The freedom of choice. With Preferred-Care Blue PPO, employees can access a broad network of healthcare providers and choose their deductible and level of benefits.

Blue-Care® HMO

A healthcare quarterback. This plan allows employees to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who will coordinate their medical care and be a champion for their health.

Personal Blue HRA

Employers reimburse employees. This high-deductible plan features a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) funded by the employer.

BlueSaver® HSA

Lower premiums wanted. This high-deductible health plan has lower premiums and can be paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA) which provides tax-savings benefits.

Spira Care

Quality care at a lower cost with a simplified experience. Spira Care is built on an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) insurance model and developed in partnership with a leading regional healthcare provider.

Employees Value High-Value Pharmacy Benefits.

Blue KC is committed to providing your employees high-quality, affordable health coverage. What's more, we've found that by offering integrated medical and pharmacy benefits, we can do a better job of managing your employees' health.

Working together with our pharmacy benefit manager, we've created a high-value pharmacy program that delivers better outcomes and lower costs. And because prescriptions are a vital part of most members’ lives, most every Blue KC plan comes with pharmacy benefits.


Large Group Funding Options.

We're resolved to make sure health insurance is affordable and accessible. That's why Blue KC gives you several options to fund your company's health plan.


  • You pay a set monthly premium.
  • Blue KC accepts the risk for all costs of the health plan.


  • Allows you to receive a refund at the end of the contract year for a portion of the paid premium if your claims experience is lower than projected.
  • If claims experience is higher than projected, Blue KC absorbs the loss.

Premium Reserve Account (PCA Retro)

  • A reserve fund of 10% of the annual premium is established from any surpluses in the health plan.
  • The reserve account is held by Blue KC to offset against future costs.
  • Any surplus over the 10% reserve is paid to you.
  • Should you cancel your health plan, you would receive any amount held in the reserve account.

Contingent Premium

  • Allows you to pay a reduced portion of the insured premium.
  • At the end of the contract year, if the reduced premium covers net claims plus expenses, you are not liable for any additional premium.
  • If reduced premium does not cover net claims plus expenses, you are required to pay for any shortfall up to the amount of the full premium.
  • If the costs exceed the amount of the full premium, Blue KC absorbs the loss.

Cost Plus

  • Provides you with the opportunity for your payment obligations to be based on claims-related costs.
  • There are two payment components: a fixed cost component payable at the beginning of the month which includes service fees and premiums for specific and aggregate pooling coverage, and a claims and network access fees component payable after the end of the month.
  • The aggregate pooling coverage protects against unexpectedly high aggregate claims costs, and the specific pooling coverage protects against shock claims on individual members.

Administrative Services Only (ASO)

  • Blue KC handles the administration of your health plan, helping to eliminate paperwork.
  • Employees can check their claims, update personal information, and obtain provider information via a secure website. They can also enroll online via BluesEnroll.
  • A dedicated ASO representative will meet with you regularly, and you'll receive regular electronic reports on utilization, claims accounting, network savings, and more.

Value Added Services for Large Group Plans

With added perks like personalized health and wellness programs, member discounts and online services, Blue KC members can live life to the fullest.


Staffed by nurses, the Healthy Companion™ program supports members and dependents living with these chronic conditions: asthma, COPD, heart failure, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and stress/anxiety or depression.


A Healthier You is a program that puts individuals in control of their health and well-being through personal health screenings, health risk assessments and self-directed lifestyle programs. It comes with a free online health portal and mobile app that puts actionable health information in peoples' hands.


The Little Stars® prenatal program provides expectant mothers with educational materials and support from a prenatal care advisor for healthy moms-to-be.


Living healthy has its rewards. With Blue365®, members are eligible for local and national deals – including a gym membership for just $25 a month, 20% off at and 25% off Polar Heart Rate Monitors. Find even more deals at!


Members can go online and search for the closest provider. Check a claim status. Review eligibility and benefits. And pay their premiums in a click.


We're here to help members and dependents find appropriate care for stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol or substance abuse, or other behavioral health conditions.

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We look forward to helping you choose the right health insurance coverage for your company and employees. What’s more, we look forward to being a trusted partner. Welcome to your local Blues family.

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