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While adapting to change has become the new normal, I’m struck by the sheer amount of innovation and progress Blue KC experienced throughout 2019 which saw the retirement of Danette Wilson, our company’s first female president. It was a time to celebrate her leadership and accomplishments as well as an opportunity to look forward and envision what the next chapter in the Blue KC story might look like.

We spent the year listening to members, employers, brokers and providers as we developed new programs and services to help our customers live healthier lives. We opened five new Spira Care Centers, thoughtfully located throughout the metropolitan area. We renewed our focus on behavioral health and explored ways of combating the stigma our members face when seeking support.

As you’ll see in the following pages, Blue KC’s commitment to providing affordable access to healthcare and improving the health of our members remains a constant in our ever-transforming world. We embrace change as an opportunity to strategically look to the future. We have been here since 1938 and we are here for good.

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