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Blue KC Level Funding ASO Options provide a great alternative to traditional, fully insured small group health plans. The plans have been designed to be fully funded. Blue KC will help you evaluate your maximum claims risk and then blend specific and aggregate stop-loss insurance to create level funding you can budget for each month.

The monthly level funded money remitted to Blue KC will include:

  • Administrative costs and stop-loss insurance
  • Claims funding

Your maximum annual claims, including claims run-out liability, are predetermined to create level funding that is easy to administer. Employees can elect the following coverage levels:

  • Employee Only
  • Employee and Spouse
  • Employee and Children
  • Employee and Family

Funding 101.

Your level funding will be carefully designed to ensure you neither over or under fund your plan. However, in the event your claims experience is lower than expected, you’ll get back two-thirds of your unused claims dollars. Blue KC will retain one-third as a deferred administrative fee.

Funding 101

Advantages of Blue KC’s Level-Funding ASO Options:


Self-funded medical plans may be less costly than similar fully insured coverage options subject to modified community rating guidelines and may be exempted from some taxes and fees.

Comprehensive coverage

Plans include comprehensive medical and pharmacy benefits along with Blue KC’s award-winning customer service, comprehensive disease management programs and innovative health advocacy support.

Networks for Small Group Plans

Network Coverage Network Coverage
Network Coverage with BlueCard Network Coverage with BlueCard
Preferred-Care Blue Map

Preferred-Care Blue®

The freedom of choice. Preferred-Care Blue® gives Blue KC members the largest selection of providers within our 32-county service area. When your employees want more doctors, more hospitals, and more health care choices, our Preferred-Care Blue network will more than meet their expectations. Employees can also travel with confidence because BlueCard® gives them access to benefits while on the go.

BlueSelect Plus Map

BlueSelect Plus

The BlueSelect Plus network is specially designed for sustainable savings and easy access to quality healthcare in and around the Kansas City metro area. BlueSelect Plus offers affordability by using a strong hospital and provider network of more than 4,100 providers and 16 hospitals. When traveling outside the 32 county Blue KC service area, BlueSelect Plus members are covered under the BlueCard PPO network. To choose a BlueSelect Plus plan, companies must be headquartered in the 12-county region listed below, and members must:

  • Live in one of these 12 counties:

    Missouri: Clay, Jackson, Platte, Cass, Clinton, DeKalb, Johnson, Lafayette, Ray, Caldwell
    Kansas: Johnson and Wyandotte
  • Seek Care from any of the 4,100+ providers and 16 hospitals primarily located in these seven counties:

    Missouri: Clay, Jackson, Platte, Clinton, Johnson
    Kansas: Johnson, Wyandotte

BlueSelect Plus also includes specialty hospitals Ascentist Healthcare, Kansas City Orthopedic Institute and over 50 Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC). ASCs are modern care facilities focused on providing same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures, and may be more cost effective. To learn more about all providers in the BlueSelect Plus network visit MyBlueKC.com or call the customer service number on your member ID card.

BlueCard Map


It travels well. With the BlueCard® program, Blue KC plan members can take their healthcare benefits with them across the country and around the world. Members can access doctors and hospitals almost everywhere. And outside the U.S., they can access doctors and hospitals in nearly 200 countries and territories through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core.

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