Whole Person Health Support

Everyone has different health goals. We are here to help you find actionable ways that empower you to help improve or manage your health.

Behavioral health services for the whole you.

A Healthier You

Take control, stay on course in your health journey, earn chances to win great prizes.


Your destination for healthy savings.

Lifestyle Program Benefit

Find steps and tools that can help you in your quest to lose weight and feel your best.

Chronic Conditions

When left unchecked, a chronic health condition can have negative consequences on your quality of life. Our specialized nurses and programs can help you manage your current health and find tools that may help avoid future problems.

Livongo for Diabetes

Diabetes self management personalized for you.

Chronic Condition Management

Get help managing your condition every step of the way.

Complex Care

Managing a complex health issue can be overwhelming. With Blue KC, you’ll find compassionate support from a highly-trained staff ensuring you won’t have to navigate the healthcare system alone.

Complex Medical Case Management

Specialized programs for high-risk conditions.


A team in your corner to help you through the fight.

Transitions of Care Program

Get assistance moving from a healthcare setting back home.

Advanced Illness Program

Compassionate support for life’s toughest moments.


Getting ready for your new arrival can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our team of highly qualified, caring professionals are here to provide tools and resources for you throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Benefits

Your pregnancy is covered by your Blue KC health plan – starting with your first doctor’s visit.

Find a Lactation Counselor

Here's a directory of providers and hospitals who offer advice and support for breastfeeding families.

See Directory

Locate Doctors Worldwide

When you're travelling the world, the Blues have you covered. To find doctors and hospitals outside of the U.S., visit Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core.

Visit Global Core

Behavioral Health

If you, or a loved one, are dealing with depression, anxiety, or a substance use disorder, we want you to know - you're not alone. We are proud to introduce Mindful by Blue KC - a set of affordable and accessible behavioral health services like text therapy, well-being resources and much more. It all starts with a Mindful Advocate, licensed behavioral health clinicians, available 24/7 and just one call away. A single point of contact for listening, matching members to providers and guiding care care plans.