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Dental insurance 101


Research shows that dental health plays a vital role in overall physical health. So when you choose to make dental insurance a part of your employees’ health plans, you’re providing them with yet another invaluable benefit. Smile, you’ve got Blue KC Dental.

Dental Services

Preventive, Basic, Major and Orthodontia services are available for your employees, depending on group size. Our Group Dental plans come with a great perk called Dental Rewards. This program is designed to help offset higher out-of-pocket costs for complex dental procedures. How’s it work? When a member reaches a certain dollar amount in dental claims, Blue KC will reward them with additional dollars to use toward future dental services. What’s it cost? Nothing.





Network Options


This network provides the lowest out-of-pocket costs for covered services, and is preferred in the Blue KC service area. Outside our service area, these are GRID providers.


This additional network provides higher out-of-pocket costs for covered services. Outside our service area, these are GRID+ providers.


The GRID/GRID+ networks are for members who live, work or travel outside the Blue KC service area. These providers are Blue Cross and Blue Shield contracted dentists.

Dental Benefits

All BlueDental Plans cover in-network preventive dental services at 100% when you see a PPO provider. So, your employees don’t pay anything out-of-pocket when visiting a PPO dentist for a semi-annual check up. Members pay a deductible and coinsurance for other services covered under the plan.

How to Apply

Chomping at the bit for great dental insurance? Contact your health insurance broker/agent to get started.