Six Facts About Spira Care

Greg Sweat, M.D. — April 9, 2019

Over the past year, Spira Care has opened five locations across Kansas and Missouri to serve its growing member base.  Our integrated primary care model is built on the promise of a stress-free member experience that enables stronger relationships with primary care providers. As our members begin or continue to use Spira Care, we have identified six facts to help them maximize their benefits. 

Fact #1:  Spira Care is an integrated primary care offering. 

Spira Care combines integrated primary care and coverage in one place, simplifying the healthcare experience to make it more personal and affordable. Blue KC members enrolled in Spira Care have access to convenient Care Centers located across the metro area, the expertise of our Care Guides to help them on their health journey, and all the benefits of the BlueSelect Plus network. Some of our primary care services and convenient benefits include:  

  • Routine preventive care
  • Adult and pediatric primary care
  • Chronic condition management
  • Behavioral health consultation
  • Digital X-rays (See fact #3)
  • Routine lab draws
  • A select number of generic prescriptions filled on-site (See fact #4)

For more about Spira Care, take the virtual tour at

Fact #2: Not all Blue KC members are Spira Care members.

There are no individual Spira Care plans, access is available when an employer offers a Spira Care plan and the member enrolls in the Spira Care plan. Our Spira Care offering is currently available to small, mid and large group markets. Depending on what plan a group offers its employees, individuals may have the option to enroll in either Spira Care or Spira Care (HSA Eligible).

  • Spira Care*: Members receive integrated primary care with no deductibles, no copays and no additional cost for procedures you may receive at the Care Centers.
  • Spira Care (HSA Eligible)**: Members receive integrated primary care with an affordable charge for an office visit at a Spira Care Center. And once a member has met their deductible, any future healthcare needs at a Spira Care Center are at no additional cost.

As a Spira Care member, you have access to Spira Care Centers and doctors and specialists in the BlueSelect Plus network.

Fact #3: Spira Care members need to schedule an appointment for every care need (planned and unplanned).

Always scheduling appointments allows the Care Guides and Care Team to be prepared for members’ visits and provide the best possible experience.

Planned appointments include wellness check-ups, physicals, chronic care management, immunizations, medication management and regular diabetic visits.

Unplanned visits most commonly fall under sick care and are available for needs such as:

  • Flu
  • Sore throat
  • Urinary tract infections (UTI)
  • Ear pain
  • Pink eye

Fact #4: The digital x-ray machines are available at three locations.

Spira Care Centers offers digital x-ray services at three of our Care Centers – Olathe, Shawnee and Crossroads. If your Spira Care provider orders x-rays for you and your Care Center does not offer this service, your Care Team will schedule a time at a Care Center that does.

To clarify, routine labs and X-rays done at a Spira Care Center are done based on a primary care need and ordered from a Spira Care provider only. We do not accept or facilitate outside orders.

Note that Spira Care does not set casts at any of its locations.

Fact #5: Spire Care does not have a full pharmacy.

Select generic prescriptions are available on-site to get members started on their care path. Prescriptions filled on-site must be ordered by a Spira Care provider, are offered at regular copay or deductible levels and can be paid for via credit card and picked up during appointments.

Any refills or medications unavailable at the Care Centers will be set up through convenient mail order or sent to your preferred pharmacy at your regular cost-sharing level. Before we can refill any prescription, you need to establish care with a Spira Care provider.

Fact #6: Behavioral Health consultations are designed to be brief and focused interventions.

We have full-time Behavioral Health Consultants at all Care Centers.

Our behavioral health consultations are designed to help you understand your medical conditions. We provide brief and focused interventions for members as well as consultation sessions where both a medical provider and behavioral health consultant work with you in tandem. We do not offer long-term therapy. If you have a long-term behavioral health need, we will work with you to identify a provider in your plan’s network.

Also keep in mind that prescriptions associated with behavioral health can be recommended by the Spira Care onsite physician and the Behavioral Health Consultant, but only the physician can write the prescription.

If you haven’t set up your Spira Care member profile, we encourage you to do so prior to scheduling your first visit at Registration becomes available after the membership effective date. There is a step-by-step guide aimed to coach members through the registration process on their patient portal, Once logged in, members can schedule appointments, view lab or test results and communicate with their Care Teams on the patient portal.

Spira Care is designed to simplify the healthcare experience. Across all five locations, we strive to provide superior and friendly service, while coordinating member care, benefits and costs. We appreciate all the feedback that we’ve received and encourage our members to continue sharing their experiences with us.

*For Spira Care members, there are no additional costs for procedures provided at Spira Care Centers, but select prescriptions will be offered on-site at your regular copay or deductible level.

**Spira Care (HSA Eligible), non-preventive services have an affordable charge. Select prescriptions will be offered on-site at your regular copay or deductible level.