Spotlight on Customer Experience at Blue KC

The Blueprint — November 8, 2019

Blue KC values its customers – and last year, we made some strides toward improving customer experience.  In 2018, Blue KC took additional steps in implementing a customer-centric corporate culture and formed a dedicated Customer Experience team, which consists of six outstanding employees who help make customer loyalty a priority for every department at Blue KC. In just a year and a half since its beginning, the Customer Experience team has made a significant impact on Blue KC and our members.

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is the perception and feelings our customers have about their relationships, connections and touchpoints with Blue KC. It’s important to note that customer experience is not the same thing as customer service, though the two terms can be easily confused. Customer service is the department that a member would call to ask questions and resolve issues, whereas ensuring a great customer experience is something that is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. We’re dedicated to helping members at each point in their customer journey to improve the customer experience.

The Impact of Customer Experience

The Customer Experience team is staffed with talented researchers, analysts and practitioners who measure the perceptions of our customers. To track and analyze customer perceptions, the Customer Experience team developed the CX Measurement Portfolio, a customer survey that assesses the ease, effectiveness, trust and loyalty members feel in their interactions with Blue KC. This tool helps the Customer Experience team – and Blue KC as a whole –  understand how we can improve our members’ experiences at every point of their journey with Blue KC.

Our employees are also our customers, so the Customer Experience team performs unexpected “acts of easy,” or small gestures that go a long way in making difficult situations just a little better. From offering golf cart rides to employees walking to their cars or passing out umbrellas and ice scrapers during inclement weather, the Customer Experience team looks for ways to surprise and delight employees. Our employee experience is a critical part of the customer experience – we want our employees to feel what it feels like to make things ‘easy’.

The Future of Customer Experience

The Customer Experience team continues to build on its digital engagement capability through an innovative speech-to-text feedback tool, as well as improving how it monitors customer feedback through social media. Additionally, the Customer Experience team will continue to be involved in designing experiences that make the care experience easier for members and look for ways to create moments that matter. Of course, the Customer Experience team will continue to look for better ways to connect with our customers and continue making customers the top priority.

Blue KC is excited to continue working for the Kansas City community and our members. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest at Blue KC.