We’re Better Together – Blue KC – A Founding Partner of Kansas City’s National Women’s Soccer League Team

June 25, 2021

For more than 80 years, Blue KC has bettered the health of Kansas Citians and we’re thrilled to join the Kansas City National Women’s Soccer League Team (KC NWSL) in this shared mission.

At Blue KC, we know that the health of any individual is directly correlated with the health of the community that surrounds them and believe we have a critical role to play in the health and well-being of our Kansas City community. Achieving a healthier community requires collaboration with like-minded organizations which is why we deeply value our partnerships with companies and groups across Kansas City – because we know we’re better together.

We’re excited to be adding KC NWSL to this list of partners. The NWSL has, for years, been a force for good, empowering people of all walks of life to embrace self-belief and acceptance.

One Partnership – Many Possibilities to Enact Change

Self-belief and acceptance are intrinsically linked to an individual’s mental and physical health, a connection that we refer to as behavioral health.  At Blue KC, we understand the critical role a person’s mental and emotional health has on their ability to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We are committed to addressing the behavioral health needs of Kansas Citians, from normalizing the conversation around and use of behavioral healthcare, to improving access and affordability of behavioral healthcare services in our community.

KC NWSL, though a more recent member of our community, has already demonstrated their shared commitment towards normalizing behavioral health. Inspiring stories like that of KC NWSL player Sydney Miramontez, who recently shared her struggles with mental health, are important to creating an environment in which all feel safe to share their struggles and know that not being okay – is okay.

Blue KC looks forward to collaborating with KC NWSL to build support for women athletes and promoting the importance of behavioral health as a centerpiece of our partnership.

In the meantime, we will be rooting for our KC team, especially during tomorrow’s Pride Night game against Washington Spirit. Blue KC will show up in force to celebrate Pride alongside our KC NWSL partners and cheer for them from the stands.

Good luck, KC NWSL, and thank you for all you do!