Introducing Mindful by Blue KC

July 8, 2020

If you’re like me, then you’re feeling more stress and anxiety than ever. And that’s perfectly natural. Even before the latest upheaval rocked our worlds — and even before the pandemic sent all of spiraling into our new, isolated normals — post-traumatic stress, substance abuse, depression and sadly suicides were all on the rise1. But isolation doesn’t mean we have to go it alone. In fact, I believe the exact opposite.

I can tell you from very personal experience that life and its many twists and turns don’t pause due to pandemics or social unrest. And any added unexpected issues that life hands us during this time can send even the strongest among us reeling. Many of us experience underlying behavioral health issues, and when the relationship between our behaviors and overall well-being are not properly treated, it begins to alter our ability to function the way we want to in everyday life.

But Blue KC wants to ensure and assure our members that you are not alone. That you are valued. And that we want to and can help. As soon as we saw what the pandemic could potentially do to our overall collective wellbeing, we took swift action to create a new and enhanced affordable behavioral health program we’re calling Mindful by Blue KC , readily accessible and available to members now.   

Yes, while we may be living in a constant state of crisis, that doesn’t mean we have to brave it alone, and Mindful by Blue KC is designed to ensure none of do.

At its core, Mindful by Blue KC is intended to make behavioral health services more accessible and affordable. It is a commitment Blue KC has made to cover the health of the whole person. Forty-one percent of Americans with a behavioral health issue went untreated in the last year – and we want to help lower this statistic by truly helping our members with trained advocates, online therapeutic resources and self-guided tools, virtual care, expedited access, workshops and more.

As a medical director at Blue KC and, more importantly, a spouse, mother, a daughter and friend, I urge members to take advantage of these new and enhanced services. It can make a huge difference to you and those you love, so take advantage of Mindful by Blue KC today.

Please review the details below, take care of yourself, take action and be well.

Here is an overview of the Mindful by Blue KC tools and services to consider:

Mindful Advocates (New)

Mindful by Blue KC starts with Mindful Advocates, licensed behavioral health clinicians, always just a call away and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mindful Advocates are trained to match members to providers or services and guide care plans. They are a single point of contact for listening, navigating care, crisis management, benefits guidance, connecting and follow-ups. Blue KC members can reach a Mindful Advocate by calling 833-302-MIND (6463) or the behavioral health number on the back of their member ID card.

Online Therapy (New)

Virtual care services have skyrocketed over the past few months and it is not just for your physical health. Through Mindful by Blue KC, our members now have access to text or scheduled live chats as well as phone and video sessions. This is intended for short-term therapy needs and is offered as part of the member’s Well-Being Resources which includes three sessions, at no cost, to help with conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress.

Blue KC Virtual Care (Enhanced)

Speaking of virtual care, the Blue KC Virtual Care app supports members behavioral healthcare needs to treat conditions like anxiety, grief, bipolar disorder, depression, trauma and panic attacks. Therapy services are provided by a network of psychologists and therapists trained and licensed in virtual care prevention and therapy techniques.

Online Self-Guided Tools (New)

Members now have access to online self-guided tools, at no cost and available 24/7. This interactive and individually tailored program helps members improve and maintain overall well-being and resilience while supporting the physical and spiritual aspects of whole-person health.

Well-Being Resources (New)

One does not have to have a diagnosed behavioral health condition to seek care. We all experience behavioral health issues, especially as we are living through a crisis or heightened emotions. Mindful by Blue KC includes three visits per issue, at no cost, for help with major life events (divorce, adoption, loss) as well as stress, financial issues, childcare and other everyday challenges.

Managed Behavioral Health (Enhanced)

Behavioral health is part of a member’s medical benefits. Just like members have access to in-network providers like family practice and internal medicine physicians, members also have access to providers like psychologists and psychiatrists for their behavioral healthcare needs. A Mindful Advocate can research and identify providers based on characteristics to best fit the members need and interests.

Expedited Access Network (Enhanced)

We want members to know that if they are experiencing a crisis, they aren’t alone. Mindful Advocates are available 24/7 for in-the-moment support and can assist in helping a member find a behavioral health appointment in the earliest window possible.

Employer Group Workshops (New)

Sixty-one percent of workers say their mental health affects their productivity2. In addition to this, 400 million workdays are lost to depression per year in the US3. With Mindful by Blue KC, we want to help business leaders address behavioral health and will be hosting educational training sessions for our employer groups on Mental Health First Aid at Work and How to Build Emotionally Healthy Workplace.

Blue KC members will pay for services as outlined in their plan benefits. Note that normal cost-sharing and out of pocket maximum limits will apply.

There are a few resources on behavioral health here on The Blueprint for you to explore. A good starting place to better understand the signs and symptoms associated with a behavioral health condition is the article Six Signs to Identify a Behavioral Health Condition. For more information on Mindful by Blue KC and how to access these services, visit

We have been living in unprecedented times, filled with stress and anxiety. There is no time like the present to take control of your own health and well-being. The first step to rebuilding a healthy community is to focus on yourself, and Mindful by Blue KC can help.


2“Cost of ignoring Mental Health Care in the Workplace,” Forbes (2019)

3Mind Share Partners’ Mental Health at Work (2019)