Spotlighting Our Blue KC Care Managers: Mallorie Tener and Charity Beebe

Julie Ham — February 24, 2021

Blue KC understands the healthcare system can be confusing to navigate. That’s why we have a team of specialists called Care Managers to help make the healthcare journey more accessible and affordable for our members.

Care management is a benefit included in most Blue KC health insurance plans and comes at no additional cost to members. In a previous post on The Blueprint about care management, I encouraged Blue KC members to view care managers as patient advocates who are part of the treatment team. I am fortunate to work with an incredible group of Care Managers who advocate on behalf of our members every single day. Meet two of my outstanding colleagues, Mallorie Tener and Charity Beebe, and see how they have changed some of our members’ lives.

A Newborn. A New Lifesaving Treatment: Mallorie Tener Helps A Family in Need

Pregnancy and childbirth are life-changing events and parents-to-be often seek help on their journeys. Perhaps no one knows that better than Blue KC Care Manager Mallorie Tener. Mallorie has worked at Blue KC for more than two years and has an extensive background in neonatal intensive care and high-risk Obstetrics (OB) cases. She helps families on their prenatal through postpartum journeys, answering their questions and ensuring they are prepared for appointments and milestones.

If babies require care in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Mallorie works with the nurse care team to determine how she can best help families during the hospital stay and after discharge. Mallorie’s impact has been felt by countless patients. In one case, a newborn needed a lifesaving, newly approved FDA medication. She sprang into action and helped get approval for the drug at a critical time. Thankfully, the child is healthy, and the grateful mother has been following up with Mallorie ever since.

A New Year’s Eve Where the Ball on Care Didn’t Drop: Charity Beebe Helps People When They Need It Most

What happens when you’re discharged from the hospital, but you don’t have the resources you need? That’s where Blue KC Care Manager Charity Beebe, who specializes in Chronic Disease Management and Hospital Discharge Follow Up, steps up to help.

The transition from hospital to home can be trying. Though members are usually thankful to be home, they are no longer surrounded by a medical team and the support that comes with it. Charity’s day-to-day work includes making calls to members and providers to help coordinate care and ensure members have everything they need once they are discharged, such as help with follow-up appointments and medication support.

A memorable experience for Charity was when a member with two fractured legs came back home but didn’t have the home health equipment he needed. Charity immediately shifted into gear, locating the right equipment and ensuring it was delivered within hours, all on New Year’s Eve. 

 A Welcome Resource During COVID

The pandemic has been a difficult time for many members. Care Managers are always on-call to help provide COVID-19 prevention and treatment resources to members. You can explore Blue KC COVID-19’s efforts on our website to learn more.

Debunking Care Management Myths of Today. Envisioning What Care Management Looks Like Tomorrow

Many Blue KC members are not aware of their care management benefits. Those who are may believe a Care Manager’s job is to approve or deny requests, but that’s not the case at all. In addition to helping members with care, Care Managers like Mallorie and Charity help members understand what care is covered under their health insurance policies. They can also advise members when it comes to unnecessary care, for example, helping prevent duplicate tests and finding efficiencies to improve members’ care plans.

So how will care management change moving forward? Both Mallorie and Charity see it evolving to the point where doctors work more closely with Care Managers right from the start of treatment so that they can better help members and care teams at every step. To contact a Care Manager, call the number on your Blue KC member ID card or call 816-395-2060. You can also use our mobile app, launched in partnership with Wellframe, which enables you to connect with Care Managers, wherever you are, without an appointment.